The Social Development Organization Nepal (SDO-Nepal) shall have the following objectives:

1. This organization shall be a non-profit oriented, people welfare, social organization.
2. To assist for women development.
3. To conduct necessary programs for the development of indigenous groups that lack political representation, and others who are socially excluded, disadvantaged or otherwise in need of social, political, economic, and moral support.
4. To identify and assist victims of abuse.
5. To conduct awareness programs for achieving inalienable right to life, individual freedom or human rights based on equal opportunity and dignity.
6. To encourage community to conduct various types of skill oriented and income generation programs for achieving common objectives.
7. To conduct educational programs related to education, health, water (conservation) and environment.
8. To assist victims of domestic violence.
9. To end discrimination against indigenous peoples and other underrepresented groups.
10. To build awareness and encourage farmers towards support and rights on agricultural program.
11. To support to reunited and underprivileged children to continue their school education .
12. To conduct various rehabilitation programs to disadvantaged groups of individuals including children and adults.