What We Do

Social Development Organization (SDO) Nepal is a non-profit social welfare organization affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal (SWCN) under registration no. 36097. It was registered in the district administration office in Kathmandu on July 31, 2012 (Registration no. 68/2012). The organization was born of the shared ideas of a group of former staff members of the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGOS).Many of these individuals came to SDO Nepal with years of experience working in community development. Thus, the group is highly motivated and committed, and sensitive towards the needs of members of various indigenous groups that lack political representation, and others who are socially excluded, disadvantaged or otherwise in need of social, political, economic, and moral support. The group has a deep understanding of the existing status of marginalized people living in different geographical areas of Nepal. They also have the requisite knowledge of national policy and the skills and experience needed to plan for community development and empowerment.

The executive committee, consisting of nine members along with three national and two foreign advisors, includes a senior advocate, a senior agriculturist, and social activists serving at the national and international levels. This multidisciplinary group is highly qualified and experienced in addressing the concerns and issues that face the groups they serve.

SDO Nepal began its community development programs in 2012 under the leadership of Chairman and his team and has had remarkable achievements in the areas of community development, women's empowerment and the creation and management of an orphanage. These achievements are the result of dedication and a deep commitment to the group's mission.