Management of Our Child Home (MOCH) :

We kindly inform you that, the Nepal government has recently launched “The operation guidelines of orphanage-2023” . According to this new regulations we were unable to fulfill the government’s funding requirements to run the orphanage as we needed at least 3 (three) times more budget than we have now, with funding pre-commitment from donors at least for 3 years. Really, it was very difficult situation to us to solve this problem in a very short time period. So, our organization ( SDO-Nepal) decided to close orphanage in coordination/consultation with government organizations ( National Child Rights Council Nepal and Tokha Municipality ) in a legal ways. Before it, we did situational analysis of all our children about their family status and possibilities.

⦁ Then, 6 Girls ( Durga class-10, Susmita class-9 ,Srijana class-8, Roshani class-7 Sabita class-5 and Serfule class-6) , who have no home, or families are unable to care their children or are unsecure to stay at their home village, for those girls , Nepal government took care the responsibilities and sent to another orphanage near to us who have enough funding.

⦁ 5 girls (Saraswati class-12, Priya class-9, Karishma class-8, Pemba class-8, Pratikshya class-7 ) whose families/relatives are able to reintegrate, or girls may secured , for those girls we sent them and reunited with their own families/nearest relatives in presence of government authorities. To make these children’s life easy , we SDO provided them stationery sets for 1 year, calculator, mobile, school bag, umbrella, mattress , blanket, pillow, bed sheet etc. All our 5 girls who were reunited with their families have now opened their personal MINOR-BANK ACCOUNTS on their home villages and we SDO-Nepal have deposited the 1st installment amount on their BANK ACCOUNTS which they can invest on fees/stationary/dress so that they can continue their education living with their own families. All the reintegrated girls are admitted at school on their home village and studying well.

⦁ As per government rules and regulations, we should support continuously to our reintegrated girls atleast for 3 years on their education costs as per our SDO’S capacity.

⦁ SDO also wants to support to other more underprivileged and needy children who are forced to drop off school due to the lacking of fees, stationery and school bags so that they can continue their school education, if we have more funds.

We are supporting reintegrated and underprivileged children to continue their school education living with their own families/relatives through our new project-"Educate 150 underprivileged children at Nepal".

We are heartily GRATEFUL to all our valued and respected donors , supporters , well-wishers, and GlobalGiving Team and Nepal governmental organizations for your love, support, guidance and inspiration so that we are able to protect these needy orphaned and abandoned girls children since 9 years. Really, it’s our great honor and achievement. Thank you all lovely friends for giving secured and new lives with good education to these girls. You are the parents, guardian and God to them and you helped to bring smiles on their faces. Every words are least to gratitude to you about your kind heart and support in cash, kinds and love.