Management of Our Child Home (MOCH) :

The MOCH is a fully humanitarian and non-profit program. Our mission is to provide shelter, food, health care, clothing, and education in a safe, secure and caring environment to the orphans, homeless, and abandoned children of Nepal. The program's aim is to provide humanitarian services to orphaned and abandoned children who have lost their parents due to natural causes, disaster, social unrest or those who have been victims of child labor or trafficking. One of our top priorities is to respect their individual and humanitarian rights, religion, caste structure and ethnicity. The ultimate goal is to support children's holistic development, build their capacity for self-sufficiency and reunite them with their family members and society when possible. Currently, we are protecting eight children referred to our agency by various Village Development Committees (VDC) throughout Nepal.

Our Children Profile:
1. Sirjana : Srijana is 9 years old. She is from Okaldhunga. She is from very poor family. SIRJANA achieved average Grade-A+ an Outstanding result at class-3. She received Appreciation-Certificates and Medals from school on Best discipline, arts and games. She is a well disciplined, very industrious and lovely girl. She wants to become a nurse.

2. Susmita : Susmita is 11 years old. Her family are very poor and landless. Susmita is an excellent student, she received average Grade-A+ in class-4. She likes to read and to draw. She received Appreciation Certificates from school on her excellent participation on ECA. When she grows up, she would like to be a nurse.

3.Dolma : Dolma is a confident 11 year old girl. She is an excellent student, getting average grade A+ with outstanding performance in class-4. She is interested in reading, drawing and coloring. Dolma would like to be a doctor when she grows up. Dolma has received Appreciation-Certificates and Medals on her wonderful performance on spelling contest, games, art-works and discipline

4.Durga: Durga is 13 years old. She loves reading and art work. She got average Grade-B+ with very good performance on class-6. It is all new to her because she had no chance to study before she came to SDO. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher. She has no land, no home and hence government has not given strong Birth certificate so that she could get her Citizenship in future

5.Saraswati: Saraswati is 13 years old and likes to debate and read. She got average grade B+ with very good performance on class-7. She would like to be an engineer. She is a very good helper at SDO, teaching the younger children to read. She is very friendly girl. She is from very poor family. Saraswati is excellent dancer and has received Appreciation-Certificates on ECA too.

6.Pemba: Pemba is 11 years old. The staff at SDO describe her as lovely! She likes to read and to color. She got average grade A+ with outstanding performance on class-3. She actively participates on dance, games, Arts and received Medals and Appreciation-Certificates from school. She wants to be an office worker. She is from very remotest area and also is from very poor family.

7.Rani (Priya):Rani is 14 years old. She loves the other children and helps to take care of the younger ones. Rani is very interested in drawing, art and dancing and received Appreciation Certificates from school. She received Average Grade-B+ on the last exam of Class-9. She would like to work at SDO so that she can help more orphans. Her family is too poor

8. Sabita:Sabita is just 5 and half years old. Her home was completely destroyed by the earthquake of April'2015. She received average grade A+ in class-KG an outstanding result. She also received Appreciation-Certificates on her active participation on Art and games. She came to SDO at the age of two and half years. Since then she is happy and is progressing well from the trauma of her background. When she cries, she says sister not mother. All other children at SDO help look after Sabita.

8. Karishma:Karishma is 8 years old. She is from remotest Mugu district and is from very poor family. Karishma is very industrious and well disciplined girl. On the last exam of class-3 she received GPA-3.60 an Excellent result. When she grown up, she want to be an exemplary office worker to serve at her remote village. She is very friendly girl.

Activities for Growth and Development of Children:
1. Nutrition and Dietetics:
Our first priority is to provide a nutritious and calorie rich diet to the children. They are given three carefully prepared meals and two healthy snacks per day. The meals are prepared per the recommendations and guidance of a dietician.
2. Education:
All our children study at Tilingatar Secondary School, Dhapasi, Kathmandu. A paid teacher works with the children after their daily classes to assist them with home work and to otherwise support their learning.
> Monthly expenses of our child home:
* The overall cost is US $ 82 per child per month to cover all the expenses.
3.Regular health check-up:
We have appointed a doctor to conduct regular health checkups for our children and to provide consultation services as and when needed. A fully stocked First Aid kit is kept at the Child Home in case of emergencies.
4.Counseling and Guidance:
A child psychologist visits our Child Home regularly and provides counseling and guidance as needed.
5. Extra-Curricular Activities:
Recreation is most important for school age children. We involve our children in indoor and outdoor games under the close supervision of teachers. We also organize various competitions for our children like drawing, dancing, singing, speech, storytelling and writing. Our children also attend various cultural festivals and events including Teej, Dashain, Tihar, Losar, Sakranti etc. Some of these activities include an educational tour of the Kathmandu Valley.
6.Yoga and Meditation Class:
We organize daily Yoga and Meditation class for our children. A trained practicing guru is called to run this class.

Here is how you can help Our Child Home.
• Sponsor child.
• Provide essential materials like stationary, books, toys, sports and educational materials, clothes etc.
• Provide nutritious foods.
• Visit our child home and share love and affection with them.
• Volunteer.

Monthly Expenses of Our Child Home:
The overall cost is US $82 per child per month to cover all the expenses.

What will you can get after for sponsoring/supporting Our Child Home?
• A quarterly report of each child's educational progress.
• Reports and photographs of extra-curricular activities such as sports, dancing, drawing, etc.
• The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to break the cycle of poverty to many Nepali children are born into.
• A warm welcome to Our Child Home should you wish to visit.
• Our unending gratitude.